"Janon is truly amazing...sometimes her insight is so on point it is hard to believe! We last spoke in April about a man I had recently met and was excited about.  She told me that in June we would have a "commitment"...well, on June 1st we had the "official conversation" for our relationship commitment. I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with her and would highly recommend her. 


"My Session with Janon was wonderful!  I cried and laughed and felt like my husband was talking directly to me.  The stuff she was telling me was so true....My mouth was wide open and I was able to confirm some things!  She is wonderful and I recommend her to anyone needing a confirmation on any issue! It was a blessing!

"Consider yourself fortunate if you have been referred to Janon. As a birthday gift to myself I have a session every year.   I used to hesitate giving her information to friends for fear that she would get too popular or expensive but I wanted them to experience the clear and accurate insight she has given me.   I have been getting readings from her for fifteen years now, she is worth the wait." 

"To use the word psychic doesn't really do justice to the work Janon does.
Yes she gets visions of future probabilities and says things that make you wonder, 'how did she  know that?!', but Janon in essence is a healer and a seeer of truth. She is a guide who helps you navigate towards your purpose and avoid all that is superfluous. She moves you quicker on your journey at times when you feel challenged by old patterns and she redirects you - reminding you of who you really are -  which is  always love. I have had several readings with her over the years  and each time I have left changed for the better; clearer and 'more me'. This is a gift that not everyone has.
In addition she gave me probabilities in a particular situation that were invaluable. I know that without Janon my mother would not be alive -  as I listened to what she said, took it to heart and got proactive encouraging my mother to take control of her health which I am certain would not have happened had I not felt that urgency. Her specificity was right on the nose.
She always comes from caring, love and wisdom -  which in turn leads you to your own wisdom. And did I mention her sense of humor? She's so lovely and her guidance that has resonated with my inner knowing, giving me a sense of empowerment and trust in my life. Thank you Janon! xoxo!"

Janon, As you saw when we spoke the grief over the loss of my husband a few weeks ago was unbearable.  My mother had insisted I speak with you, but I was afraid even angry but she kept encouraging me.   Right from the beginning I immediately knew I was speaking to someone who genuinely cared and took the time to make sure I was okay before you proceeded.  The experience was beyond anything I thought possible.  While I am a religious person with strong beliefs I was beginning to doubt and question myself and even God.  When you told me my husband had suffered a head injury on the right side I thought my mother had told you.  She later said she did not.  You connected to him as though he was speaking to me.  I felt him through you.  I cannot begin to express my gratitude and amazement.  The pain is at times unbearable, then I remember our session, listen to the recording and cry again but this time they are tears of gratitude for the connection I have to him and know it will always be there for me.

 The one specific reading that I am most grateful for literally changed my life.  I called Janon when my brand new marriage was quickly going very wrong.  I could hear in her voice that she was scared for me, and I knew that I had been in denial.  I had been trying so hard to make excuses for the relationship to the world around me, that I wasn't seeing it realistically.  Janon gave me the courage to see the situation by not only addressing the "now" but also by giving me a visual picture of my life ahead if I were to stay.  As my relationship was spiraling downwards at an incredible pace, I felt empowered to leave within three weeks of the reading.  Although it was the most difficult decision of my life thus far, I am so grateful to have had the guidance and encouragement from Janon.  I am now confident that I have a beautiful future ahead, and feel completely free.  I will be eternally grateful to have Janon in my life."

"I asked if my then 14 year old son seemed okay.  You told me that when he was 17, he would have a car accident. Not just a fender bender but a real accident and that most importantly, he and all would be okay.  Three years went by and as he was learning to drive, I kept your voice in my head.  In November of his 17th year, we got the call and there was an accident and while the car was totaled both he and his friend were okay.  More than validating the reading, I felt a sense of connection to the universe.  While scared beyond belief over the situation, I could trust that things usually turn out okay and every event teaches us much."



 "Janon is truly one of the most unique, gifted Psychic/Spiritualists that I've ever spoken with.  I first connected with her when I was going thru a difficult emotionally gruesome relationship.  Her rock-solid calmness, combined with her innate sense of decency and integrity, make her a spiritual counselor who in every way is a safe emotional haven for anyone.  Her guidance and accuracy are spot on. I also absolutely love her soft, sweet honesty and her playful sense of humor.  Janon is nurturing, gracious and wildly talented.  I recommend her to my friends who seek answers and the desire to make sense and put together the pieces of the puzzle of their complicated lives.  Everyone I've recommended to her is always grateful.  Bottom line is that Janon's clients know that they are in completely, caring compassionate, beyond competent hands with her."

I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to do this work.  Thank you for being a part of this journey.  I am grateful for every conversation.  Please feel free to share your experience. I will contact you for approval before posting.

"My first session with Janon was a request to hear from and speak to my loving Mom on the other side.  Wow, I was all ears, my soul was open and my heart was loving.  With all that going on I was present with my mother and the connection between us was powerful.  She is there for me whenever I need her wisdom and strength and Janon is the vehicle."

"Last year was a tough time for me, but it was well worth it.  Me and my fiance' at that time had separated.  I am from India and we believe in astrology and readings done by the guru but I have never gotten  a reading in America, especially over the phone.  I am a very skeptical person on things and I critique things.  I made sure I did not say anything first or give off any energy that you can receive.  I wanted Janon to tell me first. Everything you told me about my fiance' was true. Everything you mentioned did come true. You said many things about the whole situation and our relationship. The amazing thing was that you mentioned he would apologize in August and he did!  I was very surprised.  Everything else from job, parents, and him was exact.  Another amazing thing you had mentioned was that I would receive $5000 and I did not understand that.  I was soon approved for that amount of a credit for a surgery I needed. "

 "My experience of psychics preceding Janon was that there was a proving ground, somewhat like a parlor game.  The question of who the "D" person was in my life...there was none of that.  Janon asked me from the beginning the names of people and I didn't waste her time or mine proving her psychic abilities.  There was too much to be done for such chicanery and no need to prove anything.  There, instead, was a knowing we both shared from the moment our conversation began that first time.  A close friend of mine, who had already had readings with Janon, gifted me with a session because of her clear belief in Janon's gift to know, to understand and ultimately to heal.  When I made my appointment, it wasn't to find out winning lottery numbers or if I would making a trip to Paris...it was a request from my heart to understand my life's direction, to understand the journey and how to make it really count in this life.  I believe those are the people who's energy is magnetized to Janon's presence and I was on of them.  For the past six years there are countless insights Janon has led me through and I will be forever grateful."

 I was interviewing for a new position in a completely newfield.  I felt that the 3 interviews were all very acrimonious and the negotiating of the job offer seemed almost hostile.  All the while, I was applying myself fully to getting the position.  I was 100% unsure that it was going to be the right fit when I got it.  The man hiring me, the one I would be reporting to was the main issue and seemed to be the largest red flag.  During our conversation prior to taking the job you shared with me that you felt he was a non issue and that I would learn things that would be the basis of my future work and I should take the job.  As it turns out, the man, my boss was fired the same week I started.  This position led me to pick up a camera in the event planning position.  I began photographing first the events that I planned and then  other events.  Soon I was sought out and eventually realized that it was the photography I loved.  I have been a free-lance photographer for over 5 years now.  I often wonder where I would be had I not followed your advice in accepting the position in spite of the challenging personality of the man who hired me.  

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